One of the main objectives of the Wasteless project is to cooperate with other food waste prevention programmes and help other institutions in starting their own campaign.

When developing our materials we pay special attention on the aspects of the replicability.

The most important materials are bilingual (English and Hungarian). In case you need any of the listed items below, we are able to share the raw materials with you (editable files) without any charge.

Statement: Utilization of these items is allowed only for non-profit purposes, conducted by educative and communication programmes.

Origin of the materials should be indicated as: Wasteless campaign (Nébih) supported by EU LIFE.


We have developed a complex School Programme.

As part of it we published a student’s book, a workbook complemented by a teachers’ handbook. The Hungarian versions are available here. The English versions of the texts are ready, the books will soon be available at this webpage.


In line with the 6 chapters of the student’s book, we created 6 short animation movies aiming to support teachers having only a little time for inserting the topic of food waste in their educational programme.

Watch the 6 animations optimized for YouTube:


Besides the animation movies, we created 6+1 digital animated presentations. The first 6 presentations follow the chapters of the student’s book, while the 7th is a summary ppt with quizzes included. These materials provide support for teachers to prepare for the lessons. Please, find the Hungarian versions of the presentations at this link: Please, contact us for the English versions at


As part of the School Programme, the categorizer game helps children to be aware, which food waste categories exist and which is the one they should really focus on. Click here to get the game.

We are continuously communicating and raising awareness.


As part of it we created several infographics, which are very popular among the consumers. Check out our latest graphical elements and use them freely. Their origin has to be indicated in any case.


We also created awareness-raising videos targeting the public. You may reach them here.