Final Conference


In 2016, the National Food Chain Safety Office initiated the Project Wasteless with the financial support of the European Union’s LIFE Programme, which has been declared the national level food waste prevention programme of Hungary. Since the official project period has arrived to an end, Wasteless team intends to share its most substantial achievements and future plans with the actors and experts on the field of food loss and waste prevention and organize a meaningful​ discussion as well.



Recording of the conference



12:40-13:00 Technical start (participants connect to the meeting; technical assistance is provided as needed)
13:00-13:10 Welcome note

Lajos Bognár

Chief Veterinary Officer of Hungary

Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture

13:10-13:20 Welcome note

Angelo Salsi

Head of Unit

Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

13:20-13:35 Keynote speechPreventing food waste for a sustainable EU food system

Alexandra Nikolakopoulou

Head of Unit

Farm to Fork Strategy, Food sustainability, international relations, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

13:35-13:55 Introducing the results and future plans of LIFE Project Wasteless

Gyula Kasza

Heaf of Department

National Food Chain Safety Office

13:55-14:00 Round of questions and answers

Session of presentations

14:00-14:20 The role of Life Cycle Assessment in assessing consumer food waste prevention actions

Carla Caldeira

European Commission Joint Research Centre Directorate

14:20-14:40 STREFOWA – Strategies to Reduce and Manage Food Waste in Central Europe

Gudrun Obersteiner

BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

14:40-15:00 Dialogue Forum Private Households – Reduction of Food Waste in Private Households in Germany

Loan H. Tran

Technical University of Berlin

15:00-15:20 WRAP’s work to prevent citizen food waste

Kate Bygrave


15:20-15:40 Surplus food redistribution during the COVID pandemic crisis

Balázs Cseh

Hungarian Foodbank Association

15:40-15:55 Round of questions and answers
15:55-16:00 Closing remarks


Moderator Gyula Kasza, Head of Department, National Food Chain Safety Office