Best of year 2022 – Project Wasteless edition

We collected 7+1 moments from 2022 which were important to us for some reason.

Enjoy the gallery with our favourite memories from 2022!

1 – Giant Wasteless Lesson

Our greatest demonstrational lesson ever was held in April of 2022 on Earth Day in Debrecen with the participation of more than 2000 children and their teachers.

2 – Traditional Easter Competition

At Easter, we launched a competition to paint eggs and write Easter poems. These are Hungarian Easter traditions, and the interesting thing was that the entries had to be related to food waste. The picture shows the special prize winners.

3 – Drawing competition and street exhibition

We announced a drawing competition for the summer holidays for elementary school students, which attracted nearly 300 entries. We also opened a street exhibition of the 30 best entries, which were exhibited in the fence of the National Food Chain Safety Office’s headquarters in Budapest.

4 – Wasteless Investigation

We have developed a game based on a playful investigation, where children have to find leftovers that have disappeared without a trace. The game has already been tested in real life three times, including at our event organised for the Researchers’ Night.

5 – Vermicomposting adventures

We have organised our first vermicomposting workshop to promote the role of composting in reducing the environmental impact of food waste. Moreover, to show a good example, almost all staff member of Project Wasteless installed a set of composting bin in their own household or office.

6 – Significant reduction in avoidable household food waste

According to our household food waste measurement study conducted in 2021, over the past 5 years (since the beginning of our project), avoidable food waste in Hungarian households has fallen by 24%. This fraction is considered to be the actual wastage, with real potential to be decreased with conscious consumer behaviour, on which the consumer campaign of Project Wasteless concentrates.

7 – Europen Citizens’ Panel on Food Waste

The project manager of Project Wasteless, Dr. Gyula Kasza was invited to the Knowledge Committee of the Europen Citizens’ Panel on Food Waste organised by the European Commission.

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+1 Expanding Instagram community

In 2022, the number of followers on our Instagram page increased significantly. We achieved an 85% growth, and at the beginning of 2023 the counter already has turned over at 9000.

The report summarising the activities performed by Project Wasteless in 2022 can be found at the following LINK (in Hungarian).

Kapcsolódó tartalmak

NÉBIH’s colleagues taught in primary school on the Sustainability Week


Wasteless Easter competition


Round table – where no food waste remained