Wasteless Valentine – downloadable greeting cards

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are among the most wasted food stuffs? They often end up in the trash simply because for some reasons they don’t meet with our expectations (oddly shaped, or aesthetically flawed due to transportation or storage).

To be honest, we all, even unwittingly, scrutinise the products we intend to buy in the supermarket and only the impeccable ones can end up in our shopping basket. Unfortunately, this subconscious attitude means that a lot of perfectly good fruits and vegetables are thrown away.

This Valentine’s Day we invite you to fall in love with those differently shaped produces, which are exactly as delicious and nutritious as their perfect counterparts!

Remember this during your next visit to the supermarket, and let’s pick the boogie-bodied carrots, the curvy pears, the handsomely scar-faced potato, and the “single” bananas, because all of them are adorable! These products can be prefect ingredients for smoothies, cream soups, smashed potato, banana pancake, carrot cake or pies and a lot more treats.

Tell your loved ones with our cards how much you love them!

The Wasteless Valentine greeting cards can be downloaded below.

I could eat you up I love you so
You are perfect for me!
My sugarplum!
Cutie Patootie
You are so sweet!
Single banana

Fun fact: Did you know that single bananas are in less of a hurry to ripen, so they last longer during storage?

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