Team Wasteless in Heraklion 2019 conference


Between the 26th and 28th of June 2019, Team Wasteless participated in the Heraklion conference, Greece, presenting the results of the research serving as input of the communication campaign of the Wasteless project, and meeting new possible partners in research; while it was also a great opportunity to hear more about other successful projects aiming to fight against food waste or supporting sustainability.


In his presentation the project manager, Mr. Kasza explained which components of attitude and to what extent define our food waste behaviour, highlighting the conative attitude – i.e. routine – as the most effective one.  As behaviour cannot be altered solo via communication in every case, during awareness-raising programme activities those must be taken into the focus that might be considered as good routine activities, but still are not routine – like in case of children. This is one of the reasons why we have been targeting mainly children via the Wasteless School Programme, since food purchasing and cooking are not routine activities in case of children.


The success of the conference attendance is already embodied in new possible partners in research and prospect for cooperation.

Kapcsolódó tartalmak

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Wasteless Christmas


Students from the Netherlands gave presentation about the present state of food wasting in the retail sector