Fighting food waste through conscious refrigeration in Hungary

Project Wasteless has launched a refrigeration guide to help consumers store food safely and
sustainably. To mark the publication, readers could test their knowledge with a quiz for valuable

The fate of leftovers in Hungarian households is extremely unfortunate, as homemade and ready-to-
eat food are wasted the most. The average Hungarian consumer produces 60 kg of food waste in a
year, of which 24 kg could be avoided. A knowledgeable and conscious approach to food
management is essential to reduce food waste. Using the fridge may seem obvious, but there are a
number of practices that can make our fridge and freezer even more helpful in the fight against food
waste. For example, it's important to pay attention to the right temperature range, layout, and
timing. In addition, the correct and safe way to freeze and defrost food should also be remembered,
as well as the steps to take to clean up refrigeration and what to do with food in the event of a
power cut.
To collect and share good refrigeration practices, Project Wasteless published the guide in December
2023. To celebrate the launch of the publication, readers were invited to take part in a quiz on
Project Wasteless's website between 1 and 22 December to win valuable prizes. Over 1200 people
completed the quiz during the period.
Those who completed the quiz correctly were entered into a draw to win one of the 3 fridges offered
by Electrolux.
Project Wasteless' related social media campaign was a similar success, reaching almost 69.000
The guide is available in Hungarian on the programme website:

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