NÉBIH’s colleagues taught in primary school on the Sustainability Week

Within the frame of the Sustainability Week, the team of Wasteless held lectures in connection with food waste for the students of Bartók Béla Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School. 7 Primary School classes took part in the programme, which gave the opportunity to involve about 220 pupils.


The program Wasteless, besides adult age, considers the primary school age an especially important group. It’s known, that in childhood we accept new knowledge easier, so we have to endeavour transferring practical knowledge. Within the frame of the Sustainability Week we gave lessons to the pupils of Bartók Béla Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School, which focused on food waste. During the lessons we showed the basic elements and shared some good practices that can be utilized in households related to food waste prevention. Luckily, during the lessons not only we performed: with the help of interactive games, the pupils could acquire the practices in connection with food waste prevention in a playful way. The tips in connection with prevention are several times related to food safety, so the supply, storage and preparation of food also came into view. Hopefully, due to illustrative materials, team competitions and quizzes, the pupils gained much new knowledge, which they can use in their own households in the age of adulthood.

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