Day of Magic Oven – charity and gastronomy

The „Day of Magic Oven” was held on 13 May, 2017. The organizers of the event made disabled and special education requiring children’s weekend unforgettable for the umpteenth time. The charity program took place in the Primary School of Visually Impaired. Colleagues of NFCSO contributed to the event with entertaining and informative games.


On the occasion of Magic Oven event children had the opportunity to compare their bread-cooking competencies within the framework of a playful competition. During the competition, chefs and gastrobloggers helped the work of pupils. The cooked breads were evaluated by a professional jury.  However, everybody could feel like a winner! Visitors could also taste the delicious bakery products: the profit from the bread sold was offered for charity purposes.


The programme represented awareness-raising aims as well: the organizers would have liked to draw the children’s attention, that their self-made products have got a real value, and they tried to highlight the beauty of home food production.


Colleagues and internship students of NFCSO made the programme more colourful with games in connection with food safety and food waste. All age groups showed great interest in the issue: almost 50 children visited the tent of NFCSO. The game gave the opportunity to introduce the basic concepts related to food waste and to give some practical advice concerning food waste prevention. Assisted by pictures, they could illustrate the faults that definitely have to be avoided connected to purchasing, storing and preparing of food. Not only the children but their parents also showed great interest in the interesting knowledge. Hopefully, owing to the playful games, besides entertainment, pupils were enriched with new knowledge.

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