Online Community of Experts helps tackle food waste in Europe

REFRESH launched a great initiative with respect to the amount of food waste, on World Food Day, on 16 October, 2017!

A new digital network has been introduced to encourage collaboration and bring together expertise from across Europe and beyond in a focussed response to the global issue of food waste. The Community of Experts (CoE) targets every level of the supply chain by empowering individuals, organisations and nations through the sharing of skills, knowledge and resources in order to act against food waste.

Developed by the EU REFRESH Project in cooperation with the European Commission’s EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (FLW), the new Community of Experts will help users share and access information and ideas to develop and deliver their own initiatives, wherever they are based.

Fighting against food waste requires concrete action and innovation by all key players in the entire food chain. This battle has to be underpinned by knowledge, research, and facilitated by an appropriate policy environment. It is great to see the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste join forces with REFRESH in establishing a new tool making expert advice, new resources and best practice in food waste prevention only a few clicks away!

Check the website for more information:

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