Zero Waste Cooking Workshop

Spring began with a burst of activity for Project Wasteless with an exciting Zero Waste Cooking Workshop held at Budapest Makery. This innovative event combined culinary exploration with a focus on reducing food waste and ensuring food safety, providing participants with a unique and informative experience.

The workshop, based on the model implemented by the Slovak pilot of the EU-funded FoodRUs project, aimed to raise awareness about food waste and food safety while engaging participants in hands-on cooking activities. Hosted at Budapest Makery, a “do-it-yourself” restaurant known for its creative approach to dining, the workshop provided the perfect setting for exploring sustainable cooking practices.

Two distinct groups were invited to participate in the workshop:

  • The first group consisted of young adults and couples who were winners of a Valentine’s Day giveaway hosted on Project Wasteless’ social media platfroms. They were treated to a special workshop experience on International Women’s Day, celebrated on the 8th of March 2024. This dedicated session provided an opportunity to engage participants on prominent occasions while delivering essential messages about reducing food waste and ensuring food safety.
  • The second group comprised teachers from schools equipped with demonstrational kitchens, totaling 24 participants. This session, held on the 9th of March 2024, focused on the importance of practical education in schools to improve food management skills among children. By involving educators, the workshop aimed to promote sustainable practices and food safety principles in educational settings, laying the groundwork for future generations to adopt responsible food habits.

The workshop sessions began with an informative introduction to the world of food waste, followed by interactive cooking demonstrations centered around a two-course menu. Participants were guided through the entire food management process, from sourcing ingredients to handling leftovers and waste, all while learning about key food safety risks and sustainable practices associated with each ingredient.

Overall, the two-day workshop funded by the European Union’s FoodRUs project was a resounding success. It provided participants with valuable skills and knowledge while fostering new collaborations and partnerships.

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