Catering and Sustainability Conference


The Catering and Sustainability conference was organized on March 3, 2022 at Hungexpo, organized by the National Association of Caterers and Food Managers (KÖZSZÖV). Nébih also participated in the event as an organizing partner.


After the opening speech of Dr. Márton Oravecz, President of Nébih, the performers talked about sustainable public catering, the labeling of food origin, the role of domestic food in public catering, the psychical aspects of eating and food waste reduction.


At the event, our colleague Dávid Szakos gave a presentation on the possibilities of food rescue and waste reduction.


In hospitality in addition to rapidly deteriorating unpackaged goods, finding the right workforce, the constantly changing menu and ingredients and the fact that a significant amount of food waste is tied to guests also makes it difficult to reduce food waste. At the same time, good practices can help reduce the amount of food thrown away. Training and sensitizing staff on the subject can be a big step forward. It is important to measure and analyze waste streams so the main problems can be identified. By optimizing resourcing, menus and portions, the amount of food waste can be significantly reduced. The possibility of taking away the leftovers by the guests and donating the unsold food is also worth considering. Our guide which can be found on our website can help with this. The Food Value Forum has written a guide to good practice in donation.


Consumers can also take their part in throwing less food in the trash at restaurants. It’s important to keep in mind that your stomach doesn’t double in size at special restaurant events either. If you want to taste more dishes you should choose a serving size for children or ask for an extra plate so the food can be shared. You should stay disciplined in a buffet meal as well. It is better to take smaller portions more than once, and if food is left despite our efforts, the waiters will be happy to pack it in most cases.


The take home message of the conference is that striving for sustainability and reduction of food waste is the common interest of hospitality workers and consumers too, which can be achieved through collaboration, communication and joined effort!


The program of the conference can be found at the following link:


Guide to food donation for food processing and distribution companies:


Guide to food saving events:

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