Sustainability Theme Week


Schoolchildren and their teachers from the Carpathian Basin can participate in the Sustainability Theme Week programmes, which will be joined by Wasteless, between 25-29 April 2022. Interesting competitions and challenges based on themes such as water, health, responsible consumption and waste management will be open to registered educational institutions from Hungary and beyond. Teachers who participate should also join the Nébih Education Programme, where they can earn credits for their theme-week programmes.


The aim of the Sustainability Week is to raise children’s awareness about sustainable lifestyles, in particular ways to reduce food, water and energy waste. Changing bad habits of adults can have little effect, but teaching children good practices that are already solutions will make good behaviour come naturally to them.


During the week, students can enter a recipe competition, measure the amount of food waste they produce and take part in thought-provoking, educational talks. Teachers can also use our programme’s educational tools to help them teach the thematic lessons.


Teachers who are committed to sustainability should also join the Nébih Education Ambassador Programme, where they can earn credits for the themed programmes. In addition, educational activities on food safety and food waste prevention can be integrated into lessons at any time during the school year. And the teachers who earn the most credits will receive valuable rewards from the Nébih at the end of the school year.

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