Second Life for Bread: Zero Waste Recipe Book published in Hungarian

Bakery products rank as the third most wasted food category in Hungarian households, making it a top priority to encourage better practices among consumers and reduce bread waste. Project Wasteless unveiled the Hungarian version of the FoodRUs recipe book and promoted it through various channels for the occasion of the Feast of New Bread.

August 20 holds a special place in the Hungarian calendar, as it marks the Foundation of the State and the celebration of King St. Stephen. One of the key elements of the celebration is the ceremonial blessing of the new bread, which carries the important message of respect for bread. Although efforts in recent years have significantly reduced bread waste in Hungarian households, more than 33.000 tonnes of bakery products are still thrown away each year.

In light of these statistics, on August 20th this year, Project Wasteless initiated a social media campaign addressing bread waste, with a specific focus on the FoodRUs zero waste recipe book. he Hungarian version of the recipe book has been released and is available on the Project Wasteless website, featuring 35 recipes designed to prevent the wastage of leftover bakery products. The recipes, gathered within the FoodRUs project, have been enhanced with traditional Hungarian dishes, including poppy seed bread & vanilla custard, bonfire stack, hunter’s stew with bread dumplings and meatloaf stuffed with egg.

To promote the release of the recipe book, a social media giveaway was hosted on Project Wasteless’ social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Entrants were asked to share their favorite leftover recipe from the book in the comments section, and two lucky winners were randomly selected to receive a decorative bread holder. In addition to the contest, the campaign was featured the publication of infographics highlighting best practices for reducing bread waste.

The FoodRUs Zero Waste Recipe Book – Second Life for Bread – is available in three different languages:

Kapcsolódó tartalmak

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Wasteless Christmas


Wasteless before the summer break