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Interactive Adventure Tour at Pannon University

Pannon University organized the “Earth – Water – Air” interactive adventure tour in honor of Jane Goodall’s visit, where elementary school students had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of sustainability through interactive games and quizzes.

A total of 17 teams from elementary schools participated in the adventure tour, involving approximately 120 students. The teams, consisting of 7 members each, were tested on their knowledge of sustainability at different stations. At the food station, Veronika László, our Education Ambassador, represented the Project Wasteless, focusing on the prevention of food waste and the proper handling of unavoidable food waste. An important goal of the station was to help students understand that a significant amount of food goes to waste due to improper storage practices, emphasizing the importance of correct storage practices and appropriate management of food waste. Our Ambassador demonstrated ways to prevent food waste and how to store food properly. At the station, students also had the opportunity to practice identifying which food waste can be composted and what to pay attention to during the composting process.

We hope that the valuable experiences gained at the station will be successfully utilized by the students in their everyday lives.

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