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Roundtable on sustainable consumption at Gárdonyi High School in Érd


A sustainability event organised by the Municipality of Pest County and Responsible Dining was attended by the team Wasteless. This time, the programme was presented to the students of the Géza Gárdonyi Primary School and Secondary School in Érd, as part of the Food Wave project.


The unconventional lesson started with a presentation by the Responsible Dining, followed by a round table discussion on sustainable consumption between the Szatyor Shopping Community and the participants of team Wasteless. The panel discussion experts shared their personal experiences and gave tips to the participating students on how to access credible and useful information. Wasteless, the Szatyor Community and the Responsible Dining sites were the first to come up.


The participating students were particularly interested in the discussion. A legitimate question was raised as to whether one person alone is enough to make a visible difference in reducing food waste or slowing down climate change. The critical approach was somewhat alleviated by a response that focused on individual and household level awareness and conservation rather than a global ‘world-changing’ perspective. Students were brave enough to ask whether it was really the producers or the consumers who had more responsibility and opportunity to make a difference. In this case, the answer was also the individual approach, i.e. the view that food awareness is independent of producer responsibility and is therefore the best option for consumers to choose. It is entirely a consumer choice whether to plan the weekly menu, read food labels, check the contents of the fridge regularly or save leftover ingredients.

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