Round table – where no food waste remained

The subject of the first Round table discussion – organized by NFCSO – was reducing food waste, where besides distributors and charity organizations, representatives of authorities and legislators also participated.


The event was launched by National Food-chain Safety Office to discuss actual and important problems related to the food-chain.


The main subject of the first Round table discussion was the possibility of utilization of long-lasting foods and food ingredients that has already been expired but do not mean food safety risk. At the same time they discussed the better distinction of different expiry dates, or applying alternative labels, and also the more effective information of consumers.


„Handling food surplus is first of all a humanitarian, thus a moral issue. However, besides that we have to keep in mind the environmental impact and economic losses related to food waste, which we could prevent with a higher level of consciousness and organization” – opened the event Mr Róbert Zsigó, Minister of State for Food Chain Supervision.


Besides the Ministry of Agriculture and experts of NFCSO, the Hungarian Food Bank Association, the Hungarian Food Processors’ Association, and – as representatives of Tesco and Spar – the retail sector was also present at the event. They examined the opportunities and barriers of food waste from several aspects.


All participants agreed with the concept, that in order to reduce the amount of food waste, a key issue is drawing the attention of consumers and inform them comprehensively.


The Round table events organized in each quarter of the year make the opportunity to discuss legal, organizational and communication problems, which the law-abiding enterprises often meet. The purpose is to adjust the subjects of the events to the needs of enterprises and the actual challenges of the food-sector.


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