Rimini – no remain


The team Wasteless was invited by EASME to exhibit at Ecomondo, the largest Western European green technology expo of the year. The event attracted more than 80,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors to Rimini, Italy; where they had the chance to see the cutting-edge innovations in connection with bio-economy, circular energy, global climate policy, and environmental protection. These are areas closely linked to food waste, considering its denoting contribution to the negative effects of climate change, what could be eased by the prevention and reduction of unnecessary food waste generation.


Knowing that any amount of the great Italian cuisine ends up in the dustbin is quite saddening; therefore those visiting the Wasteless booth had the possibility to play a quiz aiming to lead their thinking towards the amount of food going into the trash in their households.


Perhaps our most fruitful message was about the shelf life of pasta: the players themselves realised that it was worth giving it a chance after the best before date, what will hopefully manifest in more Pasta Bolognese on the plates instead of the trash.


Along with the awareness-raising, we were able to identify several areas of connection with those looking for opportunities for professional cooperation. We have come across several extremely innovative projects, which we will summarize for you soon.

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