Refreshed in Barcelona


On the 10th of May, 2019 the Team Wasteless participated at the Conference of Refresh – one of the most important projects aiming to stop food waste. At the conference in Barcelona around 150 experts gathered from all over the world to talk about innovation and creative ideas on food waste reduction as well as to discuss valorisation options all across the food supply chain. Dr. Gyula Kasza, the project manager highlighted in his speech that the results of the Refresh project had a great and positive effect on the Hungarian food waste situation along with expressing his opinion on the relevance of the Pilot Working Platform (Food is Value Forum) established in Hungary, within the framework of the Refresh project.


Besides the networking and the discussion of the final project results, the visitors had the chance to be the judges at the Doggy Bag Design Contest – in the spirit of creativity.



Source of the pictures: By Sebastian Szulfer

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