Wasteless is on TEDxDanubia Countdown


Wasteless as an exhibitor participated in TEDxDanubia Countdown which took place in Vígszínház in Budapest, on 20 September 2021. The event, focused on climate protection and climate responsibility, created good opportunities to raise consumers’ awareness about mitigation of food waste and shaping their habits.


Wasteless’ staff offered different types of games for the participants. The more enthusiastic ones could test their skills with Countdown Jenga about composting, food storage and the general aspects of food waste. Children preferred playing with the magnet board, which contributed in learning the correct arrangement of the contents of the fridge. Furthermore, participants could take photos with Wasteless’ Instagram frame and could take part in Countdown Bingo on our Instagram platform.


During the breaks in the event of TEDxDanubia Countdown, many participants visited Wasteless’ stand and learned more about food waste.

We hope that our presence has added colour to the event and raised awareness about the importance of reducing food waste in the climate crisis mitigation.


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