III. Big Food Conference in Budapest

The 3rd Big Food Conference was held in the Lurdy Ház on the 14th of September this year. The main theme of the event was the new nutrition trend starting to gain ground among Hungarian consumers. Recent researches has shown that the interest of hungarian people for healthy foods has increased in the last few years.


Doctors, nutritionists, food engineers and other representatives of the profession took part in the conference to discuss (among others) the turnout and prevention of diseases in connection with the eating habits, or the topic of innovation and consumer protection in food industry. The issue of food wasting was also highlighted at the event. Dr. Gyula Kasza presented the most important experiences of their program, called Wasteless.


At the end of the conference, there was an opportunity to take part in an informal Round Table conversation to form opinion regarding the topics of the lectures.

Kapcsolódó tartalmak

Zero Waste Cooking Workshop


Wasteless – now for children as well


Professional workshop on food waste reduction in the hospitality and food services sector