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The European Commission recognizes and rewards the most innovative, inspiring, and effective projects supported by the LIFE Framework Programme every year with the LIFE Awards. We are delighted to share the news that our food waste prevention project, Project Wasteless has been selected as one of the finalists this year. The LIFE Citizens’ Prize allows the public to vote for their favorite project online. Please, support the efforts of Project Wasteless in reducing food waste by voting for us.

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Project Wasteless was launched in 2016 with the support of the European Union’s LIFE programme, which has since become Hungary’s national food waste prevention programme.

Over the past 7 years, our team has implemented a number of programme elements to reduce food waste in Hungary and Europe:

  • Since 2016, Project Wasteless has been tracking the amount of food waste generated in Hungarian households, which has become an EU Member State obligation from 2020. According to the latest data, household food waste in Hungary has fallen by a quarter since the programme has started.
  • One of the main focus areas is childhood awareness-raising: more than half a million children have received the complex educational material developed by the programme’s staff, and more than 30.000 young people have taken part in face-to-face training.
  • Our consumer campaign has reached around 200 million people, which means that every Hungarian citizen has met to the Wasteless messages on average 20 times.
  • In addition to households, the rest of the food supply chain is also benefiting from the work of Project Wasteless: working groups set up with stakeholders have collected and published the most effective good practices to reduce food waste for the food industry, retail, catering and the civil sector.
  • Since 2019, the programme leader has represented Hungary at meetings of the European Commission’s Food Loss and Waste Platform. In 2022, our project was invited to the European Consumer Food Waste Forum of the European Union Joint Research Centre and the European Commission’s Citizens’ Panel on Food Waste, contributing not only to the food waste reduction efforts of Hungary but also of other EU Member States.

The European Commission assesses all completed LIFE projects based on a variety of criteria – environmental, economic, social, innovation, policy relevance and cost-effectiveness. According the evaluation finalists have been selected in three categories: nature conservation, environment and climate change. The winners, selected by a panel of experts, will be presented at a ceremony during the European Union’s Green Week, Europe’s biggest environmental event.

The LIFE Citizens’ Prize allows the public to vote for their favorite project online. Please, support the efforts of Project Wasteless in reducing food waste by voting for us at the link below:

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