Awareness drawing on the 4th ECO-Island

Fourth time this year the village house of Szigetmonostor was open for the interested children in the frame of the Environmental Protection event series of ECO-Island.


NFCSO’s project Wasteless had got an invitation to the ECO-Island organized on 22-23 March 2018. With several cooperating organizations – such as the Hungarian Meteorological Service, the Ecological Centre of Hungarian Academy of Sciences or the Humus Association – we shared knowledge with the children in connection with sustainable consumption.


All elementary school students from the 1th to the 8th grade could find an enjoyable programme on the event.


Within the framework of the event, we held a short summary presentation, where (among others) we introduced the negative impacts of food waste on the economy and environment. We also discussed the types of food waste, as well as the differences between the best before and use by dates. An interesting experience was that many of the teachers stated that they’d got enriched with some useful ideas, which was not only about reducing food waste, but also can help in everyday housekeeping practice.


During the game we also learnt a lot from the children.


It was a great pleasure listening to the stories that the children shared with us. A student talked about the preciousness that bread means for them as they make it at home with their own hands. Another student told us that food remainings (scraps) are always given to the animals in their household.


Whilst in the morning whole classes of students „assaulted” our booth, in the afternoon when they started to get tired, they came in smaller groups and many returning children displayed their earlier obtained knowledge to the others.


The accompanying teachers had the opportunity to look through the informative publication of Wasteless’s school programme ( They showed also great interest towards the quiz that we launched on the 26th of March (


We are happy that we could take part in the attention drawing programme of the event of the 4th ECO-Island. We hope we will meet you next year, in 2019!

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