Wasteless – now for children as well

Mr Róbert Zsigó, Minister of State for Food Chain Supervision presented the complex educational-training programme of NFCSO on a press conference on 21 March 2018. The educational material of the programme Wasteless, which is for students attending elementary schools, was also presented on the event, which took place in Molnár Ferenc Bilingual Elementary School, in district IX.


Mr Róbert Zsigó said, that NFCSO’s elementary school program includes two scopes, of which one is Wasteless, which was presented on the press conference. The publication that was edited in the frame of the project contains easily understandable knowledge for students. The application of this knowledge could contribute to reduce the extent of food wastage in their households (


Andrea Csutár, as the representative of Wasteless’s partner elementary school, based on own experiences confirmed the importance of attention drawing in childhood.


In the frame of Wasteless’s school program, Dávid Szakos lectured for 6th graders. His presentation was excessively interactive. Everyone already had their own experience in the topic. One of the students refused a theory of the lecturer, that orange peels belong to the unavoidable food waste category. Her father is Italian, so they always consume candied orange peels. But we can mention the girl who told us, that her father always draws their attention to the importance of the consumption of foods remained in the fridge.


We always learn something new from these lectures. We’re really waiting for the next opportunity to gain more experience.

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