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The team of the Wasteless Program at the International Conference of Bratislava

The NFCSO’s program called Wasteless was invited to the Central European Food Waste Conference in Bratislava.


The event was held on the 11th of September in 2017, and it’s most important objective was to bring together institutions and civil society organizations from the countries in the region (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia) to share practices about the effects of their different activities related to food waste.


The event was hosted by Tesco Central Europe, which offered the food surplus of its more than 280 supermarkets to the local food banks already in 2016. The international participants agreed that the problem must be solved at European level, because presently, in the absence of data transparency and measurement results, the introduction of practices in other countries is extremely hard. The rollback of food waste has – beyond the research – important legal, organizational and infrastructural challenges.


Based on the discussions, the participants found the awareness-raising school program and the data based on the primer research, the most exciting result of the Hungarian program.

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